Our future

We see that our company will continue to develop as intensively and dynamically and achieve new groundbreaking results. Our experience has shown that the possibilities of using software technologies are truly endless, and if we multiply them by actively developing international cooperation and the implementation of the project we started to integrate international data on the operation of nuclear power plants, we can assume that the already created models of digital nuclear power plants will reach a completely new level soon.

VNIIAES has a lot of ambitious goals. The future is in the construction of fully automated low power nuclear plants. Thanks to our achievements in the field of digital technologies, we will be able to begin the larger-scale construction of plants of this format, from which we had restrained ourselves before, feeling we were not ready yet for the implementation of high safety standards. At the same time, power plants may be introduced in those regions where this was not previously possible. Currently, in developed countries, there is a growing interest in low-capacity NPPs, which, subject to strict security standards, will solve the problem of reliable and sustainable energy supply to distant objects, cities and towns, offshore and underwater drilling platforms.

Another area of interest for VNIIAES is the hydrogen explosion safety project, implemented as part of the high-temperature gas reactor project. We are ready to take part in creating the infrastructure for industrial hydrogen production at existing nuclear plants, where there is an unused reserve of power. In addition to the production of hydrogen for the energy industry of the future, it is necessary to solve the challenges of its accumulation and transportation.