About the institute

In 2019, 40 years have passed since the establishment of the All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants Operation.

Today, the institute is successfully operating in many areas, mainly thanks to close cooperation with all nuclear power plants and the Company’s Headquarters.

The institute has accumulated significant competencies in many areas. We are the lead scientific power in the operation of all Russian nuclear power plants, we are actively involved in the activities of the IAEA and WANO. That said, we are always in the foreground to solve the scientific and technical problems of nuclear energy, and we keep ourselves abreast of the global trends.

We employ over 500 people. 11 of them are professors, and there are more than 70 people with doctoral degrees. We pay a lot of attention to recruiting young specialists and fostering their careers.

The mission of the VNIIAES is to be a leader in the scientific and technical support of all stages in the NPP life cycle:
  • elaboration of the development strategy, assess the prospects, new technologies and projects;
  • scientific and technological progress (STP) in all aspects of operation, including resource modernization and life extension;
  • NPP units decommissioning, including the technologies for radioactive waste processing, SNF management, different aspects of a closed nuclear fuel cycle;
  • entering the international market, provision of scientific and technological progress and simulator building services for Russian-designed nuclear power plants;
  • entering the related industries market.

The Rosatom State Corporation has formulated strategic directions for the scientific and technological development of the industry, the implementation of which is an essential condition for maintaining the position of technology leadership and long-term competitiveness.

VNIIAES is actively involved in the implementation of strategic directions of scientific and technological development of the industry.

Since February 2017, the Institute has been implementing a development strategy, “Opportunities for the present - the energy of the future”, which is in place until 2030.